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Greenfield Swimming Area

The Green River Swim Area won the Franklin Favorites Outdoor Recreation Area in 2018 >> See us on Page 9 >>

Nash’s Mill Road
Map / Lot
R 27/18, 19, 20, 21
Legal Reference
801/ 118; 766/ 12

Use Restriction: None

Historical Information

Green River Sign The property for Green River Swimming and Recreation Park was acquired through two transactions. In June of 1929 and December of 1933 two parcels of land were granted to the Inhabitants of Greenfield by private ownership.


Green River Park Bench The Green River Swimming area is one of the most widely used town parks in Greenfield. This property located west of the center of Greenfield is contiguous with Murphy Park and Nims Tree Farm. It is also linked to the center of Greenfield via the Riverside Community Path. Its unique and abundant recreation opportunities include an in stream swimming pool with sand beach toddler play area, athletic courts, concessions and picnic areas. The property is complete with open grass area and mature shade trees that add to its uniqueness. A complete inventory of the park is listed below.

Southside of Green River

Green River Pavillion and Playground Area
Concession Area
(2) Bike racks
(7) Picnic Tables
(12) Park benches along the back side of the beach overlooking the water
Covered Pavilion with concrete floor
(6) picnic tables
Permanent grill
Playground Area
This area is fully enclosed by ornamental fence with two gates for entrance and exit. Playground has wood chip safety surfacing.
Picnic Tables (2)
Basketball Hoop (1)
Play Structures (2)
Swing Structure (2)
Toddler Swings (4 individual swings)

Northside of Green River

North Side of Green River The picnic area on the North side of the Green River is accessible via a pedestrian bridge across the river. The north side does not have a beach, but has water access via concrete stairs. This picnic area is a large plot of grass covered land and mature shade trees. There are approximately 35 picnic tables with a number designation for rental purposes.

Parking / Access

Parking is available in a gravel parking lot. The park is accessible by the Riverside Community Bike Path.

A Bit of History from 1936/1937 (Source:

Green River Archive Works Progress Administration (W.P.A.) workers developed recreation improvements at Greenfield’s Green River Swimming and Recreation Area and Murphy Park, during the 1930s.

Green River Archive WPA Bulletin, 1936: Children of Greenfield have benefited by the WPA construction of a new bath house and other improvements at the Greenfield Swimming Pool. Tennis courts and a soft ball diamond were built in the adjoining public park property.

Bulletin, 1937: Greenfield – The crack of bats and the swish of girls’ skipping ropes are ushering in the sport season of the 33 acre WPA Recreation Center at the northern end of the city.

In three or four months’ time the full recreational facilities of the huge park will be taxed with sport lovers of all ages making use of the wading and swimming pools, baseball and softball diamonds, horseshoe pitching rings, picnic grounds and special play places for smaller children.

Additional WPA improvements to the park are now underway and will include the repairing of 135 yards of rip-rap, construction of 910 feet of masonry wall, building of 11 fireplaces, 13 picnic tables and three benches, the laying of gravel foot paths, the clearing of the wading and swimming pools, the construction of tar sidewalks, the landscaping of a large parking area and the painting of buildings and equipment.


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