4th of July

DATE: Saturday, July 2nd, 2016 (Rain Date: July 3rd)
TIME: 4:00-10:30 pm
LOCATION: Beacon Field


2016 Events Schedule

4:00 pm Mixed Music
5:00 pm Lexi Weege
The female performing artist has long been objectified, controlled, censored, restrained. This is what Lexi Weege refuses to be. Her music is passionate, alive, awakened; the narrative of a woman unashamed of her desires and unafraid to seize control. Weege conjures up decadent scenes of the roaring twenties with her stellar voice and jazz-influenced compositions. Constantly touring, performing, and creating, Lexi Weege has released a full-length album [Virgin, 2013] and more recently, "Sweet Moon", a '7 record, both recorded live to tape. Weege's insistence on analogue recording is evidence of her passion for authenticity in her music. "With the confidence to throw her all into the circus ring of theatricality, Lexi Weege stamps the mark of a true performer. ("
6:00 pm Zydeco Connection
Zydeco Connection has been bringing the irresistible sounds and infectious rhythms of zydeco from Louisiana to New England since 2004. Dominated by the button or piano accordion and a form of washboard called the rub board, Zydeco is guaranteed to get your toes tapping. We are from Franklin County and play a spicy mix of waltzes, two-steps, blues, and boogie woogie. Zydeco has it’s origins in Cajun music incorporating the sounds of Rhythm & Blues, adding electric guitar and bass and drums to get it's unique blend of driving rhythms. Zydeco Connection is Lil Cyn Rose on accordian, Eileen Almeida on rubboard and lead vocals, David Leblanc on bass, Michael Rose on drums and Lawrence Ochs Rolland Pierre John Leblanc on guitar.
7:10 pm Fortin Family Award
7:15 pm Sweet Little Bloodhound
Sweet Little Bloodhound revvs up their Soulful Rock sound with a Southern rocket booster and a Northern horse-powered engine, as this 7-piece band, driven by three “Superhero Females,” hits the road, and takes their fans with them on the road in their podcast series: "SLB Indie Trailer." Their journey begins with a long standing friendship and a mutual respect for the music industry course. Through the years they have individually navigated the sharp curves and grooves in the road, Grammy member, dynamic vocalist, and guitarist Devlin Miles, rhythm specialist Jibrail Nor, fine tune violinist and vocalist Olivia Martinez, trumpet genius and vibrant vocalist Shanelle Jenkins, turbo bass booster Charles Butterfield II, and precision guitarist Ali Bishop, along with the newest rookie driver of the keys Tony Espinoza, all have found themselves at their current destination of Sweet Little Bloodhound.
8:30 pm Greenfield Military Band
9:30 pm National Anthem
Gretchen Tucker
9:35 pm Fireworks

For more information call the Recreation Department at 772-1553